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Vision Statement

We aim to be the largest Indian domestic Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (FCOJ) producer and a pre-eminent supplier to global beverage brands.


We define Integrity as the setting of high standards for our behavior and abiding by them. The guiding principles that drive us towards accomplishing our goals are courage, honesty and transparency.


Entrepreneurship is primarily about business success – it is about the willingness to assume individual responsibility, constantly learning & growing, taking risks, and exploring unconventional ideas with utmost focus.


There is no greater injustice than doing something half-heartedly. We do what is right, and we do it well. We pursue excellence in everything we do.


Positivity and optimism is in our DNA. We believe that the first step towards conquering challenges is to begin with the right mindset. Maintaining a positive outlook allows us to tackle obstacles head-on with a smile.

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