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According to Assocham, the annual Post-harvest & Supply Chain Losses of fruits & vegetables in India is close to Rs. 2 Lakh crore, which translates to around 30 percent of total produce. This is mainly because of inadequate cold storage facilities, poor transportation and lack of proper food processing units.

State Annual post-harvest loss (in crores)
West Bengal 13600
Gujarat 11400
Bihar 10700
Uttar Pradesh 10300
Maharashtra 10100
Source - Assocham (2013)

The above table indicates the top 5 states with high post-harvest loss, while the chart shows the post-harvest losses in fruits and vegetables.It shows that 36 percent of total orange produced is wasted.

There are multiple reasons for post-harvest losses. One of the reasons is the handling of produce through the various middlemen. Additionally, the unavailability of cold chain and efficient equipment / machinery for processing in the catchment area further contributes to post-harvest agricultural loss.

India currently has cold-storage facilities for 300* lakh tons while there is a need for an additional 370* lakh tons of cold-storage infrastructure. (*Source- Assocham 2013)

We, at CPIL, have been mindful of these inadequacies and are working towards setting up our own supply-chain network adhering to global standards.

Major Causes of Post-Harvest Loss

  • Lack of orchard maintenance
  • Harvesting at improper stage
  • Inadequate packaging
  • Improper transportation
  • No proper sorting and grading
  • No storage facilities

Farmer Testimonials

“PHC’s purchase our farm at high price when market prices are high, but when market prices falls, no PHC’s turn up. For me CPIL has helped by purchasing produce when there is decrease in market prices. We want CPIL to be our regular buyer in all seasons.” - Ananth Reddy, Kammampadu.

“We have never done grading before. After CPIL started buying, I am Separating A Grade fruits which is around 30% which sells at higher prices. Since CPIL buys without commission my returns have increased.” -SrinivasYadav, Atmakur

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