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With an Agri-Extension Programme (AEP), CPIL aspires to create a continuous, quality-oriented supply chain. AEP plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity, ensuring traceability of produce, and creating direct farmer linkages.

Identify / Select farmers

  • Based on location, extension
    needs, etc.

Educate farmers

  • Soil testing and nutrient
  • Plant protection and fertiliser
  • Irrigation management
  • Post-harvest management

Continuous monitoring and support

  • Monitor progress
  • Maintain farm cards

Build technical expertise

  • Facilitate Agronomist

Farmer Training and Collection Centre (FTCC)

Our Farmer Training and Collection Centre (FTCC) is part of the program which provides training and guidance to local farmers by educating them on:

  • Soil Testing
  • Plant protection against adverse conditions
  • Combating susceptibility to diseases
  • Integrated Nutrient Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Post-harvest Management
  • Farm management practices – pruning, tree density, etc.
  • Irrigation System and water management
  • Quality standards

We empower farmers with technical expertise to help facilitate best farm management practices. This enables the farmer to improve their fruit yield. Our relationship with them extends beyond transactional; we integrate them in the business as our co- beneficiaries.

Our direct connect with the farmers is an enabler for some of them to be able to minimize involvement of the middlemen in the entire supply chain. With our technical expertise, innovation and dedication, we aim to set new benchmarks of excellence in the field of citrus fruit cultivation.

Agri-Extension Programme – Key Outcome

  • Weekly farmer meetings
  • Agronomist visits
  • Developing lead farmers in each cluster
  • Well-maintained demo farms
  • Facilitating enablers – such as drip irrigation, etc.
  • Opening farmer training centers in clusters identified

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